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Gonzales Community Outreach Classes

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Community Outreach in Gonzales and Beyond!

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Real Estate Safety Classes:

Agent safety is every real estate office’s number one concern.  Meeting strangers in homes by yourself, letting them in your car… a cell phone is not always enough protection.  Having a handgun or pepper spray can be both helpful and more dangerous at the same time.  

Knowing how to keep yourself safe and recognizing potentially dangerous situations is not always easy, but we can help.  We can teach you to disable an attacker and escape from grabs and holds by utilizing extremely effective self-protection techniques that do not require a great amount of strength.

The intended purpose of this course is to provide Agents a self-protection program that will supply them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to protect themselves from potential assaults.  This class is a 1-hour introduction to aggressive self protection which can be expanded to group or private training based upon needs.

Sorority Safety Classes:

This is not your typical “kick them in the groin and run” self defense class.  This course is designed to help you first recognize the dangerous situations and how quickly it can go from bad to worse.  Being confident is great, but confidence without skill, and knowledge will quickly lead to freezing in a bad situation.  We have taught this course for sororities at LSU and SLU, with great results.

This class focuses on 3 major segments on an attack… Self-Protection, Abduction Prevention, and Rape Defense.  We will cover defense tactics, targeting strikes to cause the most trauma to your would-be attacker, arm and wrist control, intimidation, fighting panic, ground defense, chokes, arm barsand weapon defense.

No one should be a victim, but if you are not prepared it could happen easily.  Let us help you instill the confidence, skill and knowledge you need to protect yourself.  This is a 3-hour course to personal safety.  Upon completion, your chapter will receive a certificate of completion for the total hours completed by all participates.  This can be given to your Safety Coordinator for a potential reduction in your chapter’s insurance.

Women’s Self Defense Classes:

The intended purpose of this course is to provide women a self-protection program that will supply them with the skill, knowledge, and confidence to protect themselves from potential assaults.  Every month is a new segment.
- Recognizing and avoiding potential threats
- Basic principles of self-defense and taking control
- Fears, safety, and situational awareness
- Realities of physical assaults
- Attackers and their patterns
- Techniques and strategies to self-defense
- Physical drills and scenarios
- No experience necessary!
The techniques are designed to be immediately usable and highly effective, regardless of size.
The class will be a 1 1/2-hour block of time with breaks in between segments.  Participants will be taught Self-Protection, Abduction Prevention and Rape Defense.  They will be working with partners throughout the training.  Participants should wear comfortable athletic clothes, no jewelry such as bracelets, long or hoop earrings, rings, or chains.  
For ages 12 and up!

Lunch & Learn Classes:

Meeting new people, going to and from your vehicle, traveling for work, even your social media may be jeopardizing your personal and family’s safety.  This may seem harmless, theyway you have done this for years, but as our world changes so must we.  The intended purpose of this course is to provide your employees a self-protection program that will supply them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to protect themselves from potential assaults.

We will teach you to develop your intuition to recognize danger signals.  You will learn to use your awareness to stop risky situations from developing.  You will learn extremely effective self-protection techniques, how to strike to disable an attacker, as well as how to escape from grabs and hold. 

Employee safety is a number one concern in every office, let us be your resource in this endeavor.  This is a great resource for team building events and can be used as a potential tax deduction for employee safety and education.  This class is designed to be only 45 min long to fit into a standard lunch break.

Abduction & Bullying Defense Seminars

Let us help #SaveTheChildren starting with your children!  
Bring your child in for a free Abduction & Bullying Defense Seminar.  Abduction and Bullying are two profoundly serious issues facing our children, allow us to arm them with the tools to help keep them safe and build their confidence.  Unfortunately, bullying is quite common in schools, it is crucial to give your child the skills to do what it takes to survive and be above bullying.

In this hour-long class, we will cover Verbal & Physical Boundaries, Situational Awareness, using their voice, and Defensive Techniques that will aid in their safety!
SICA MMA invites all youth to this FREE 1hr Abduction & Bullying Defense Seminar for all ages 6-14yrs.
Invite friends, neighbors, cousins, and we will see you there!

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