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Class Descriptions:

Intro Class: Intro Classes are perfect for All Students, yet focused on our New Students. Intro to Krav Maga is meant to teach you fundamentals and get you conditioned to begin Level 1 Krav Maga Classes. This class focuses on Movement, Strikes (such as palm strikes, punches, elbows strikes, knees and basic kicks), and Falls.

  • Requirements: 13 years or older, heart and determination and willingness to learn.
  • Gear Requirements: Wrist Wraps Recommended

Level 1: Level 1 Class is appropriate for All Students. This class focuses on all techniques in the Level 1 Testing Curriculum. This will include Movement, Strikes, Falls, Choke Defenses, Headlock Defense, Rolls, and Ground Work.

  • Requirements: 13 years or older, with knowledge of basics taught in Intro Class.
  • Gear Requirements: Wrist Wraps Recommended

Level 2/3: Level 2/3 Classes is students who have passes their Level 1 Test and Above Only. These classes will be taught at a much faster pace and will be more advanced. Classes will cover all techniques required for Level 2 Test as well as material from Level 3 and 4 Curriculum. Techniques will include Takedowns, Weapon Work and Weapon Defense, as well as Advance Kicks, Strikes, Combinations, and Sparring. These classes will be very physically demanding.

  • Requirements: Successful completion of Level 1 Test
  • Gear Requirements: Wrist Wraps, Gloves, Shin Guards, Head Gear, Mouth Guard.

Grappling: Grappling Class will cover Advanced Takedowns, Ground Fighting, Escapes, Arm Bars, Chokes, and Submissions. May include light striking, not to an MMA Level.

  • Requirements: 13 years or older, previous grappling/wrestling knowledge recommended.
  • Gear Requirements: Mouth Guard Recommended

Weapons: Weapon class will cover all aspects of weapon defense including but not limited to Pistols, Rifles, Knives, Batons, etc.

  • Requirements: 13 years or older, military/law enforcement background, successful completion of Level 1 Test or instructor approval.

Kickboxing: Kickboxing class is a Heavy Bag utilizing strike combinations at a strong pace. Techniques are pulled from traditional American Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and San Shou Kick Boxing. For the purpose of Strategy, Striking Power, and Movement

  • Gear Requirements: Wrist Wraps and Boxing Gloves, Mouth Guard (for O2 restrictions)

StrikeFit: This is a Cardio based workout utilizing Striking Combinations on Heavy Bags. This program combines functional fitness movements and exercises with practical fight combinations. You can expect improved total body strength, leaner muscles, better stamina and increased self-confidence. This will be a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout.

  • Gear Requirements: Wrist Wraps and Boxing Gloves.

Youth Krav Maga: Kids’ Class is designed for kids ages 5 – 12 and is taught at a Level 1 curriculum. Classes will cover Movement, Strikes, Falls, Rolls, and Ground Work. In addition to our Kids’ Class, we also offer a Kids’ Fight Night. Those students who wish to participate will be taught advanced combinations and ground fighting to use these skills in our cage. Students will move at a fast pace on Fight Night and will be receiving and delivering strikes to the head and body safely and under direct supervision of our nationally certified instructors. Gear is REQUIRED for this class.

  • Requirements: Ages 5 – 12, willingness to learn. Parents are encouraged to watch all of our Kids’ Classes, but we ask that you do not intervene.
  • Gear Requirements: Wrist Wraps Recommended
  • Fight Gear Requirements: Wrist Wraps, Head Gear, Gloves, Shin Guards, and Mouth.

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