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Cody Ingles in 	 Gonzales - S.I.C.A. MMA

Cody Ingles

Cody’s martial arts career began 20 years ago with TaeKwonDo in 1997. After reaching second degree black belt instructor level and competing consistently-winning state title at only 17-he moved to Aikido and Judo in 2000 and reached black belts in both by 2004. He obtained his second degree black belt in Judo by 2006. He focused mostly on Judo after that, competing all over the U.S and winning the LA state tournament in the open weight division several times. He coached the LSU Judo Club for 3 years before opening his own school and cross training in Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu, reaching brown belt in the latter. After starting a family, he sold his school and moved to Gonzales where he met the team at SICA in 2016 and began training Krav Maga.??

Favorite quote : " When in doubt, choke em out" -Gene LeBell

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