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Adam Sibley in 	 Gonzales - S.I.C.A. MMA

Adam Sibley

Adam Sibley is a former collegiate wrestler, professional fighter, and former Krav Maga instructor with ROTC Marine Corps experience and paramilitary training alongside the US Navy for the purposes of SWAT. He developed SICA using his training in a wide variety of martial arts and combat systems. Today Adam trains his students in fitness and SICA, seeking to push his students to the peak of their ability to protect themselves and their loved ones. Adam feels strongly that everyone who trains in SICA is a member of the SICA family and that all students must grow together and push each other to pursue excellence.

“As a professional who has survived life threatening encounters and currently lives in a world where danger is around the corner; and from a professional who trains thousands of real world warriors daily and travels around the world training and preparing warriors to survive real world encounters it is VERY RARE to meet a professional who is not only extremely talented and who always willing to share his experiences with others. Adam is this type of professional. I am honored to know him. If you have trained with him already then you know for a fact I am telling the truth; if you haven’t or are thinking about it then you owe it to yourself! Call him, talk to him and go train with him.” – Dave Young, Founder of Arma Training

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